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Get nourished with our 100% Certified Pure Coconut Oil. Our range of Coconut Oils are organic and versatile to use, made from all natural ingredients its easy to use, buy yours today.

Why Paipra Oil


All varieties of coconut oil supplied by Paipra Oil are 100% pure. Free from any adulteration, perfumes, additives, preservatives and chemicals

Long Shelf Life

Sourcing of good quality coconut/copra, thorough drying to remove all moisture, fine filtering and tight packing ensures long shelf life

Edible Use

This coconut oil is suitable for use in all types of cooking. Salad dressing, deep frying, shallow frying and raw consumption. Popular in Konkan/Malabar delicacies

Hair Use

Nourishes the skin, moisturises hair, strengthens root, keeps the head cool and widely used as hair oil either as it is or with additives


Easily digestible, improves metabolism, aids weight loss. Reduces bad cholesterol and improves heart health. Boosts immunity.

Convenient Packing

Different pack forms, materials and sizes with desired strength for convenient carry, long shelf life and use

Health Benefits

Improves Heart Health

The HDL (High Density Lipoproteins) in coconut oil reduces the incidence of artery clogging bad cholesterol that is LDL (Low Density Lipoproteins).


Medium chain fatty acids in Coconut oil are easily digestible. It helps improve food metabolism and provides instant energy. Due to this factor it is used by athletes to improve their performance.

Boosts Immunity

Coconut oil helps improve our immunity system through its anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

Skin Care

Coconut oil reduces inflammation, keeps skin moisturised, treats acne and helps heal wounds.

Hair Care

The vitamins and fatty acids in coconut oil help nourish your scalp and penetrates the cuticle of the hair, thereby makes your hair grow longer, thicker and healthier.


Coconut oil’s medium-chain triglycerides are more rapidly absorbed and utilized by the body’s cells. More cellular energy means that you have more energy all over

Customers Reviews

I would like to say the experience with the company is very good. I have been using this brand. I feel this is natural and compatible.
Prince Philip
Really got satisfied with the product. The smell of the oil resembles of purity and it tastes really good and tasty.
Aswani Raj
Its smell and taste are very nice for cooking and feel really good on skin and hair.they provides pure and delicious coconut oil..
Niloofar Thasnim
Nizar Ahmed
Nizar Ahmed
Best coconut oil brand in pezhakkappilly.. Get smell when u pass in front of this shop..
Akhil Binu
Akhil Binu
I'm happy with the product and the deal, I got from the company. The quality of the product is good and i suggest to use.
Nandhu Nadesan
Nandhu Nadesan
Really organic & good in taste..always keeping the quality at its best
Gokul Raju
Gokul Raju
Very good coconut oil....
Prince Philip
Prince Philip
I would like to say the experience with the company is very good. I have been using this brand. I feel this is natural and compatible. Everyone has a great attitude. Keep it up.

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